White Tree of Gondor Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver - Elven Faery Pendant w/ Choice of Gemstone

$99.99 $129.99

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  • White Tree of Gondor Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver - Tolkien's Elendil Magick - Elven Faery Pendant.
  • Selectable authentic natural gemstone - shown with Star Diopside, Grey Moonstone, White Moonstone, and Rainbow moonstone but you can select any of the gemstones shown on the gemstone selection photo.
  • Handcrafted in Sterling Silver by Wellstone Jewelry in the USA.

 Symbolism of the White Tree

From the days when the world was young, from the time of elves and fairies, comes the symbol of the White Tree. In those ancient and faraway times, just as now, it is a symbol of regeneration and rebirth, of the hope for light in the presence of darkness, of life in the face of death and of goodness in spite of what might seem overwhelming evil. The tree may sometimes flourish and at other times appear to die. Yet it will always come forth with new green shoots, its leaves an ensign of the spirit of life.