TYR Warrior Pendant NORSE GOD of JUSTICE THRONE Fenris WOLF Dryad Design Bronze


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TYR Warrior Pendant NORSE GOD of JUSTICE on Throne  - Fenris WOLF - Dryad Design in Bronze

Tyr is the God of War, Courage, and Law. He's best known for losing his right hand to the Fenerous Wolf. The wrist joint even now in Scandinavia is referred to as the "wolf joint". On the back of his chair, called a

Kubbestol and traditionally carved from a single log, is a line from an Icelandic rune poem:

"Tyr God with one hand and leavings of the wolf and the prince of temples."

Dryad Design - the work of Paul Borda

Dryad Design, Ltd is the "soul work" of artist Paul Borda. All designs are original, many are based on extensive research and all are copyrighted. The statues and jewelry include God and Goddess imagery from Celtic, Norse, Russian and Sumerian Mythology.

Size: 1 1/16"h x 3/4"w x 1/2"d