Triquetra Rose Triple Goddess Unity Hengeband - Headband Anne Stokes - High Priestess Jewelry


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  • Triquetra Rose Triple Goddess Unity Hengeband - High Priestess Head Piece.
  • Created through a collaboration between fantasy artists Anne Stokes and Briar, our Hengebands are the perfect accent for ceremonies, parties, or personal empowerment.
  • Hengebands can be worn around the head, neck or even as a thigh decoration as the braided cord is adjustable for sizing.
  • Each band comes on a braided leather adjustable thong and is packaged in a cello bag with an organza pouch and comprehensive leaflet with all meanings.
  • More than a fashion accessory, they allow you to create in your mind's eye a circle of energy around you and awareness of this circle will allow you to center yourself.
  • The magic circle has been used for thousands of years to capture energy, form a holy space and provide magical protection.
  • Approximate size: 3.25" width x .75" height.

The Triquetra is an ancient Indo-European 3 pointed symbol representing 3 way unity. To many Pagans and Wiccans the triquetra or trinity knot represents the Triple Goddess. This unity rose will guide you towards strengthening your love and friendships.