Trinity Moon Goddess .925 Sterling Silver and Gold Pendant with Chakra Gemstones

$209.99 $239.99

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  • The Trinity knot, also called the Triquetra, is one of the best-known symbols in Celtic culture. It symbolizes God’s eternal love of the Holy Trinity looped through the arcs emphasizing the unity of the three such as the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Of Latin origin, Triquetra represents the triplicities that surround us (Earth, Sea, Sky; Birth, Death, Rebirth) and symbolizes the eternal spiritual life. The symbol manifests on rocks throughout the Celtic region associated with the three elements of nature – water, earth, and air.
  • Solid Sterling Silver with 14K gold accent.


1) Amethyst (Genuine) 2 mm.
2) Sapphire (Synthetic) 2 mm.
3) Blue Topaz (Genuine) 2 mm.
4) Emerald (Glass) 2 mm.
5) Citrine (Genuine) 2 mm.
6) Orange (Cubic zirconia) 2 mm.
7) Garnet (Genuine) 2 mm.

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