Alchemy Gothic Thor's Hammer Mjölnir T-shirt - Viking God Norse Cotton Tee Shirt


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Thor's Hammer Mjölnir Alchemy Gothic Nordic Viking T-shirt - Thor Thunder Hammer Tee Shirt

Available in Unisex Sizes M, L, & XL

100% Preshrunk Cotton

Black in color

Thor the storm god's mighty weapon of elemental awe. Mjölnir in Old Norse means "That which marks and pulverizes to dust".A amulet of ancient nordic magic wrought by the dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokkr,endowing the wearer with strength and fortitude.The fear of Thor's hammer was all that held back the frost giants, fearsome foes of the gods of Asgard before the final apocalyptic battle of Ragnarok.

Made from 100% cotton & 100% original Alchemy artwork!

Approximate Product Dimensions:
Medium: Chest: 20", Neck to bottom: 26"
Large: Chest: 22", Neck to bottom: 27"
Extra Large: Chest: 24", Neck to bottom: 28"