Thorns of Passion Ear Wrap - Alchemy Gothic Blood Red Swarovski crystal Passion jewelry


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  • Thorns of Passion Ear Wrap - Alchemy Gothic Red Swarovski crystal Passion jewelry.
  • A gorgeous and emotive bramble of thorns entangles the wearer's ear, weeping tears of Swarovski crystal blood.
  • An elegantly detailed piece that adds drama to any outfit
  • Faux-stretch piercing pewter thorns ear-wrap, with red Swarovski crystal droppers and surgical steel ear-post.
  • For the left ear.
  • Size: Width 1.54" x Height 3.94" x Depth 0.71"

Care Instructions:

English pewter will remain bright and polished if kept in a clean, low humidity environment and not subject to fumes and toxins. Acid and grease from handling should be avoided and finger prints wiped off with a soft, dry clean cloth. Items can be easily polished to a bright luster and develop a beautiful, natural patina by using a proprietary silver polish cloth.