THOR'S HAMMER Mjollnir Pendant NORDIC Norse VIKING Necklace Alchemy Gothic pagan


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Thor's Magickal hammer, Mjollnir - Runic Norse Nordic Pendant Necklace, on a split chain

Handcrafted by ALCHEMY GOTHIC in the United Kingdom

Handcrafted in English Pewter 

The height of the pendant is 2 1/8 inches, the width is 1 inch. Strung on a 21 inch chain.

This handcrafted item was created out of the finest English pewter by Alchemy Gothic Artisans in England.
English Pewter is totally lead and nickel free!

Care Instructions:

English pewter will remain bright and polished if kept in a clean, low humidity environment and not subject to fumes and toxins. Acid and grease from handling should be avoided and finger prints wiped off with a soft, dry clean cloth. Items can be easily polished to a bright luster and develop a beautiful, natural patina by using a proprietary silver polish cloth.