TANTRIC Dance Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with gemstone choice - SKELETON Love YOGIC UNION amulet


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  • Tantric Dance Yogic Union Skeleton Love Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Shown set with a gorgeous natural Carnelian, a gemstone used for healing and transformation. Available with the gemstone of your choice.
  • Size: 1 1/2" h x 1 1/8"w.
  • Lovingly Handcrafted in beautiful Sterling Silver by Wellstone Jewelry in the USA.

The Tantric Union Divine Yogic Dance Pendant

They dance in divine union, naked and fleshless, on the razor’s edge, in that tenuously balanced place between life and death, arising and dissolving moment to moment, in full consciousness and celebration of the unity of samsara and nirvana, form and emptiness.

Adapted from an 18th Century Tibetan Thangka depicting the yogic union of the deities Samvara and Vajravarahi.