Sunflower Soy Candle - Crystal Journey Candles to attract Wealth, Happiness, and remove negative energy


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  • Sunflower all natural Soy Candle.
  • Crystal Journey Candles All Natural Soy Candles - Filled Glass Votives.
  • all natural Soy, scented with Crystal Journey's 100% essential oil blends.
  • Approximate burn time 18—20 hours (height-2.5”; diameter-2”).
Sunflower all natural Soy Crystal Journey Candle
Sunflowers are associated with strong Sun Solar energy...also associated with the zodiac sign of Leo (ruled by the Sun), they are warm, showy, and generous (so many seeds!). The energy of the sunflower also attracts wealth, prosperity, and spreads happiness and joy. Called xochitl by the Aztecs, the Sunflower was a prominent plant/herbal used in their spiritual ceremonies.

Magickal Uses - Candle Magick:

  • Use Sunflower energy to remove negative energy, help one to overcome a depression.
  • Attract Wealth and Prosperity.
  • Build up, repair, or reinforce the ego.
  • Create an atmosphere of relaxed, warm, comfortable happiness around you.
  • Use to create a protective shield of energy around you. 
  • To enhance fertility and creative energy.
  • To encourage others to be generous toward you or to increase one's own sense of generosity.
  • To honor the Sun, Apollo, and  other Sun Gods and Goddesses.