SUN Tarot Card Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with Genuine Lapis Lazuli


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  • The Sun Tarot Card Pendant  - 19 in the Major Arcana.
  • Set with a Genuine, natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone.
  • Lovingly Handcrafted in beautiful Sterling Silver in the USA by Wellstone Jewelry
  • Size: 1.5 inches height x 7/8 inch wide.


Symbolism and Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card
The soul is reborn and rides the white horse (the innocent animal nature) in the joy of enlightenment. The great banner of victory is unfurled and the flowers of the sun (enlightenment) are in full bloom. This is the most positive card in the Tarot. It designates cosmic knowledge, health, vitality, growth, good fortune, prosperity, recognition and attainment.

The Tarot is a system of both divination (foretelling the future or the circumstances of the present or past) and philosophy. It is said that after the burning of the great library at Alexandria, the scholars, mystics and philosophers created the system of Tarot so that the ancient wisdom could always be received. Tarot images represent the great archetypes in a manner that makes them open to understanding on many levels.