Stag Horns Pentacle Hengeband | Horned Pentacle Headband Anne Stokes Briar Wicca


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Spirit of the Forest For Adventure and Bravery Hengeband - Horned Pentacle Headband - Stag Horns

Created through a collaboration between fantasy artists Anne Stokes and Briar, our Hengebands are the perfect accent for ceremonies, parties, or personal empowerment.

Hengebands can be worn around the head, neck or even as a thigh decoration as the braided cord is adjustable for sizing.

Each band comes on a braided leather adjustable thong and is packaged in a cello bag with an organza pouch and comprehensive leaflet with all meanings.

More than a fashion accessory, they allow you to create in your mind's eye a circle of energy around you and awareness of this circle will allow you to center yourself.

The magic circle has been used for thousands of years to capture energy, form a holy space and provide magical protection.

Approximate size: 3.25" width x .75" height.

For many Pagans, the antlers of the stag are associated directly with the fertility of the God. To wear a pentagram during a ceremony symbolizes that you feel the connection with the elements and respect the earth. The number 5 as depicted with the points of the pentagram is associated with Mars, and symbolizes severity, conflict and harmony through challenge.