RUNE Set Elder Futhark Handmade Crystal Quartz Rune Oracle Norse Viking Runes


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  • Crystal Quartz Rune Set - Elder Futhark Rune Oracle
  • Handcrafted runes are engraved on tumbled and polished genuine Clear Crystal Quartz
  • 25 rune stones (including the "blank" stone, the Wyrd Rune) 
  • Hand-etched and painted with gold lettering
  • Runes are often used as an oracle. This Rune set includes a brief instruction pamphlet to help you get started if you are just beginning to work with runes.
  • Runes can also be used in ritual magick, lending the force of the chosen Rune (runes) and the energy of the stone to your work 
  • Each rune is approximately 1/2-3/4". 
  • Comes in a blue velvet draw string bag
  • The Elder Futhark Runes are ancient, from around the 5th century. They are the most commonly used runes.