RUNE Set Elder Futhark Handmade BLOODSTONE Rune Oracle Set Norse Viking Runes


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Bloodstone Rune Set - Elder Futhark Rune Oracle

    Handcrafted runes are engraved on tumbled and polished genuine Bloodstone
    25 rune stones (including the "blank" stone, the Wyrd Rune)
    Hand-etched and painted with gold lettering
    Runes are often used as an oracle. This Rune set includes a brief instruction pamphlet to help you get started if you are just beginning to work with runes.
    Runes can also be used in ritual magick, lending the force of the chosen Rune (runes) and the energy of the stone to your work
    Each rune  is approximately 1/2-3/4".
    Comes in a red velvet draw string bag
    The Elder Futhark Runes are ancient, from around the 5th century. They are the most commonly used runes.

Bloodstone is a stone with mystical, magickal energies. Bloodstone gives courage while helping one to avoid dangerous situations by being flexible. It enables one to understand when to withdraw strategically, encourages the ability to act in the moment, and heightens the intuition. It banishes negative energy while helping one to direct their spiritual energies. Bloodstone is also believed to reduce irritability and diminish impatience, both of which are necessary when striving towards success, both spiritually and on the material plane.