RAVEN Skull Helm of Awe Pendant - Alchemy Gothic Icelandic Norse VIKING Necklace


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  • Raven Skull Aegishjalmur Victory in Battle Necklace .
  • Runic Helm of Awe Victory in Battle engraved on a Raven's Skull - Norse Nordic Pendant Necklace, on a leather cord.
  • This handcrafted item was created out of the finest English pewter by Alchemy Gothic Artisans in England.
  • Victory in Battle is achieved when this Magical Runic design re-directs your enemy's attack back to its source.       

The "Helm of Awe" is an "Icelandic stave design," a rune that is empowered eightfold around a central point. The Rune is the MANNAZ rune, the rune of Expansion and Growth, of New Beginnings and Re-birth, a rune of Humanity. It represents both male and female energy that links with man at his most fundamental level. It is the rune of assistance and team work.   This Powerful Magical symbol was worn in ancient Europe quite extensively, most often as an amulet suspended over the Third Eye, or engraved into a headpiece over the third eye, but also on saddles, weapons and pendants.  
It was thought to dazzle assailants with its natural motion, giving the wearer protection and time to react.
English Pewter is totally lead and nickel free!

Care Instructions:
English pewter will remain bright and polished if kept in a clean, low humidity environment and not subject to fumes and toxins. Acid and grease from handling should be avoided and finger prints wiped off with a soft, dry clean cloth. Items can be easily polished to a bright luster and develop a beautiful, natural patina by using a proprietary silver polish cloth.