Prosperity Candle - Coventry Creations Abundance Blessed Herbal votive - Wiccan Pagan craftwork

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  • Prosperity Candle - Abundance Blessed Herbal Votive Candle. 
  • Handcrafted in the USA by Coventry Creations.
  • A prosperous green candle with an uplifting bergamot and clove blend.
  • Blessing: I am filled with the unlimited abundance of the universe and manifest all that I need.
  • Candle Size 2" H X 1" W.
  • Burns Approximately 10 Hours in tight-fitting votive holder.
  • With a Cotton Wick.

You are a Channel to the Abundance of the Universe. Universal abundance is unlimited, so why is there so much struggle to attain it? That is because many feel that abundance and money is a separate object from the self. In reality, abundance is something we manifest from within and money is only the catalyst to attain our desires.

Prosperity & abundance are available in unlimited quantities, so don’t be shy. Manifest all you desire and deserve. The universe is filled with unlimited prosperity, ready for your call and commitment. All you need is the desire, commitment and knowledge that you deserve.

CANDLE USE: Excellent candle for increasing prosperity. Best when used in a focused manner.

ASTROLOGICAL INFO: Use when the moon is waxing for best results. If you have need of the candle during other phases of the moon use it with confidence in its success.