POINSETTIA Candle Crystal Journey Candle Flower Magick votive Joy Heart Healing


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Poinsettia Herbal Magic votive Candles

Made in the USA by Crystal Journey Candles
Crystal Journey Reiki Meditation- Manifestation Herbal Magic Candles

Magickal and Spiritual Uses:

Aids in expressing what is in your heart to others, working as a healing energy in relationship

Helps bring the heart and throat chakras into alignment

Can help guide one toward their life purpose

Aids in discovering skills, talents and passions you may not be aware of

Brings Joy and Lifts the spirit

Enhances and strengthens one’s personal connection to Spirit and the Universe

Planetary Association: Sun, Mercury, and Venus

Element: Fire and Air

Zodiac Affiliation: Leo, Gemini, and Libra
Do you LOVE Crystal Journey Candles as much as I do? The heavenly scent of 100% essential oils, the clean-burning, easy clean-up of natural soy and vegetable wax? There is no better candle on Earth!

This Reiki-charged, hand-poured candle comes with it's own affirmation, burns clean, and has the perfect scent for the meditation. Every time I use these candles I fall in love with them all over again...once you've tried these specialty candles you will know why I prefer these above all others... I've been using and selling Crystal Journey for 13 years now and they are still my very favorite for my spiritual and craft-work.