Moon Pentacle Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with Garnet - Dryad Design Solid Background amulet


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  • Horned Moon Pentacle Pendant.
  • Handcrafted in solid .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Features a lovely garnet accent gemstone.
  • Designed by Artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design.
  • CELTIC ISIS Wicca Pagan Amulet with the upturned Horns of Isis and Celtic swirls.
  • Made of .925 Solid Sterling Silver - Total weight is 3.7 grams.
  • Size: 1 inch in diameter (2.5 cm).
This pentacle is carved with Celtic knotwork as well as traditional Celtic swirl patterns. It is a symbol of Earth and Prosperity as seen in the tarot. The Pentacle in its upright position represents the Spirit in balance and harmony with the four elements. The upturned crescent moon is a symbol of the Goddess Isis.

Dryad Design - the work of Paul Borda

Dryad Design, Ltd is the "soul work" of artist Paul Borda. All designs are original, many are based on extensive research and all are copyrighted. The statues and jewelry include God and Goddess imagery from Celtic, Norse, Russian and Sumerian Mythology.