Mjolnir THOR'S HAMMER Pendant .925 Sterling Silver with Sapphire - Viking Norse Nordic Amulet

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Norse Magick THOR'S HAMMER Mjolnir Weapon Pendant Necklace

The Magic Hammer of Thor, the Thunder God in .925 Sterling Silver with Created Sapphires

  • Designed by Artist Oberon Zell
  • This item is 1 7/8 inches in height (4.8 cm)
  • Solid .925 Sterling Silver, stamped .925
  • Accented with 3 beautiful sapphire (synthetic) gemstones

The magic hammer of the thunder god Thor produced lightning bolts and was Thor's indispensible weapon against the enemies of Gods and men. With it he was invincible in battles with frost giants, mountain giants, hill ogres, trolls, and other monsters and demons that threatened Heaven and Earth. After being thrown, the hammer would magically return to Thor's hand. He had a pair of magic iron gauntlets that he always wore when wielding Mjolnir, since without them he would be unable to grasp the powerful hammer shaft.

The Norse people believed that when the ground was struck by lightning, Thor had sent his hammer crashing to the earth. Mjolnir was forged by a dward named Sindri. While he was creating it, Loki, the trickster fire god, disguised himself as a fly and attempted to interfere with Sindri's work by buzzing around him. As a result, Mjolnir's handle was unusually short. Nevertheless, a blow from Thor's hammer was so powerful that it would result in instant death.

Although Mjolnir could be the bringer of death, it was also a symbol of life and fertility in connection with Thor's influence over the rains, and by extension, good crops. It would bring blessings during marriage by keeping evil powers away from the wedding copule and by promising fecundity to the bride. The image of Thor's hammer has been found on many funerary stelae, rock engravings, and stones that bear runic inscriptions.