Kali Yantra Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver - Meditation Divine Union Goddess Yoni amulet

$44.99 $59.99

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  • Goddess Kali Yantra  Yoni Transformation Pendant.
  • Power of transformation that occurs with the destruction of the ego.
  • handcrafted in solid .925 Sterling Silver by Wellstone Jewelry in the USA.
  • This item is 1 1/8 h & 1 inch w.

The downward pointing triangle is a very ancient symbol of the Primal Female, the Origin of All Things, pubic triangle of the Great Goddess. This detail from the Kali Yantra constitutes both a symbol for meditation and an embodiment of the Goddess who brings worlds to birth, sustains them and then absorbs them in an eternal dance of opening and closing, creation and dissolution.

The Kali Yantra is a meditative tool used to focus the mind on spiritual growth and union with the Divine.