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Healing Heart Candle - Blessed Herbal Votive Candle

Healing Heart, Calming emotions, releasing tension, finding forgiveness, centering candle

Candle and following text by Coventry Creations

Lavender in color - Fresh Ylang and Lavender Blend.

Open your heart to the wonder, beauty and magic that surrounds you. It is a journey of personal discovery where you can uncover and heal what may be bothering your Heart. The Heart is the source of self-acceptance and self-esteem issues of the past & childhood.

CANDLE USE: Releases and heals problems that revolve around the heart chakra/inner child, such as acceptance, forgiveness of yourself & others, childhood hurts, & general emotions. Light this candle when there is an abundance of tension in your life & in your relationships.

Candle Size 2" H X 1" W

Burns Approximately 10 Hours in tight-fitting votive holder
With a Cotton Wick