GRATITUDE Goddess Pendant .925 Sterling Silver w/ genuine Amethyst - Lakota WHITE BUFFALO Woman

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  • GRATITUDE Dancer GODDESS Pendant.
  • Handcrafted in.925 Sterling Silver in the USA.
  • Inspired  by Lakota WHITE BUFFALO Woman.
  • Set with a genuine AAA quality natural Amethyst gemstone.
  • Approximately 1.25" h

Symbolism and Meaning of the Gratitude Dancer:

The figure raises its hands in the gesture of thanksgiving. The gesture is eloquent, implying not only a gladness at having received but more importantly, an openness, a potential, a willingness to receive and to keep on receiving. Embodied within the gesture as well is a "giving back," a willingness to return spirit for spirit, matter for matter, energy for energy. The design is drawn on the Lakota figure of White Buffalo Woman.