GODDESS of ABUNDANCE Ring in Sterling Silver - Midwife Pregnant Mother ring with gemstone selection


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  • Sterling Silver Goddess of Abundance Ring.
  • Pregnant Mother Goddess cradles her creation, bringing forth Abundance.
  • Handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver with genuine gemstone of your choice.
  • Size: 3/4 inch in height.
  • Shown with Garnet (red), Moonstone (white), Amethyst (purple), Carnelian (burnt orange) and Rose Quartz (Pink). 

A pregnant sterling silver mother goddess cradles, nurtures and cherishes her creation (a baby, an idea, a new project, a world?) in the form of the the stone of your choice. Perfect gift for expectant mothers, midwives, artists, or any Goddess!

This ring will be created for you upon purchase so you can select the gemstone you'd like. Please allow 7 - 10  days for shipment.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Goddess of Abundance Ring:

The image is the Mother Goddess contemplating her creation. She represents the creative spirit bringing forth the abundance and variety of life out of the weaving of her own body, mind and spirit.


For a pregnant mother or a woman interested in becoming pregnant, I am including gemstone information to help you decide which stone would be best for you below:

Garnet has been known as a protective stone for Mother and Baby since ancient times.

Rose Quartz heightens the Mother and Child bond and increases harmony, love, and affection. It helps the mother and child connect to each other and to the Universe.

Moonstone is well known as a pregnancy stone. It works with the Moon and her cycles, helps balance your energy, readies the womb and prepares it for birth, it can help reduce fluid retention, and brings a feeling of wellbeing and feminine strength.

Carnelian helps heal and release past life fears connected to childbirth or loss of a child, which may play a role in present life difficulties in conceiving. It is a cleansing stone that is believed to help purify the blood and increase energy, providing strength and courage to become pregnant, maintain a pregnancy, and go through the birthing process. It can increase fertility, help balance reproductive hormones, and normalize the menstrual cycle. It may help prevent breakthrough bleeding during pregnancy. Carnelian is a great choice for artists as it stimulates creative passion, opens new doors within, and increases self-worth.

Turquoise is another creative stone and is used to draw abundance and enhance fertility. It helps to protect against environmental pollutants and increases the spiritual connection between mother, child, and the Universe. It is a protective stone and can be used to both emotionally soothe a mother who has sustained a recent loss while also helping to prepare and heal her body for a future pregnancy. Turquoise is also useful in helping to speed up recovery from a caesarean section.

Black Onyx is a protective stone that repels negativity and destructive emotions and jealousy that many expecting mothers experience from relatives, 'friends,' and strangers. It also increases strength and stamina in the mother, which may ease delivery.