Freya NORSE Love Goddess Pendant - Bronze Dryad Design Viking QUEEN Amulet with Amber gem

$29.97 $39.99

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  • FREYA NORSE Love Goddess Pendant in Bronze.
  • Features an Amber gemstone dangle.
  • Dryad Design Viking QUEEN Amulet.
  • Size: 2 1/8"h x 1 3/8"w.

Freya, Norse goddess of love, fertility, cats and seers, is the most beautiful of the Norse gods. Queen of the Vanir and Commander of the Valkyries, she flies using her hawk wing cloak and protects love relationships. Freya possesses a chariot drawn by two cats and has a love of jewelry and ornament. Her most precious possession is the necklace Brisingamen which she won from the dwarves. In ancient times, gold was often referred to as Freya's tears. This pendant is so beautiful with the amber teardrop.

Dryad Design - the work of Paul Borda

Dryad Design, Ltd is the "soul work" of artist Paul Borda. All designs are original, many are based on extensive research and all are copyrighted. The statues and jewelry include God and Goddess imagery from Celtic, Norse, Russian and Sumerian Mythology.