EYE of RA Horus Pendant Egyptian in .925 Silver with gemstone choice - FALCON GOD Wadjet Udjat


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  • EYE of RA Horus Pendant Egyptian FALCON GOD Kemetic Amulet Wadjet Udjat.
  • Lovingly Handcrafted in beautiful Sterling Silver by Wellstone Jewelry in the USA.
  • Features a gorgeous natural AAA quality gemstone eye of your choice.
  • Shown with a Lapis Lazuli gemstone. Lapis Lazuli is a Pharoah's Stone. It brings success, luck, prosperity, strengthens relationships, and increases happiness in matters of love. It also allows one to access ancient knowledge and grants the wisdom to use it to bring deeper awareness, insight and intellect.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Eye of Ra (Eye of Horus)

The eye of the falcon-god Horus, the image represents the power of looking within to the boundless inner reservoir of light and wisdom and the bringing of these resources to the path of the spirit.