Epona Horse Pendant - Handcrafted Porcelain Oval Horse Equine Necklace Amulet


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  • Epona Horse Oval Shaped Porcelain Pendant - Power, Sovereignty. Guidance
  •     Handcrafted Porcelain Pottery.
  •     Designed in Scotland, Canada, and the USA. Made in the USA.
  •     Descriptive card is printed in both English and French Canadian.
  •     Size: 7/8 inch width x 1 1/2 inches height.
  •     Pendant is strung on a 32" adjustable braided rayon cord.
  •     Packaged in a gift box and ready to be gifted!

The horse is associated with many Celtic deities as an emblem of power, sovereignty, abundance, and guidance. Epona and Macha are Celtic horse Goddesses who watch over the land, protecting its abundance and insuring a good harvest. As protectors of nature, they both grant sovereignty over the land and are the goddesses of the stable, protecting all who work with horses. As goddesses of maternity, prophecy, and prosperity, they guide and protect mortals on their journeys through life.

The art of the Celtic peoples has a tradition rich in intricacy and symbolism. Through the ages, these symbols have aided in the search for strength, courage, and spiritual understanding. Our handmade jewelry draws upon and celebrates this ancient tradition. This means your Celtic Art jewelry is as timeless and enduring as the tradition from which it is inspired.

Each design is fired into the clay at 2200°F, producing remarkable clarity and ceramic-hard durability that will not peel or wear off. Each is surprisingly lightweight, finished to a satin touch and comfortable to wear.