DRAGON'S BLOOD CRYSTAL JOURNEY Candles Manifestation candle POWER Protection


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Dragon's Blood  - Handcrafted Crystal Journey Candles All Natural Votives

Handcrafted, all natural...made with the finest essential oils
handcrafted in the USA by Crystal Journey Candles - Dark blood red in Color
Magickal Uses:

Adding Power to any magic work or ritual
Ward off Evil ~ Protection
Cleanse the home of Negativity
Defense on the Astral Plane
Planetary Association: Mars
Element: Fire
Zodiac Affiliation: Aries & Scorpio
Energy blends amazingly well with almost any other magical energy ~ works as an amplifier. For Victory in Love, combine with a Love votive. For Prosperity, combine with a Money or Abundance Candle

These hand-poured candles burn clean...created from refined wax so pure that they are considered food grade with cotton wicks and scented with the finest essential oils. Everytime we use these candles we fall in love with them all over again...once you've tried these specialty candles you will know why we prefer these above all others...
YES!! I do adjust shipping for multiple candle orders. Please order what you'd like and then request an invoice for adjusted shipping (to get the best shipping deal possible). If you need a quote prior to ordering, drop me an email with what you'd like and your location/zip code.