DRAGON Runes Alchemy Gothic Adjustable Strap Bracelet Norse Viking Rune Bracelet


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Dragon Runering Alchemy Gothic Leather Strap Bracelet
Handcrafted by ALCHEMY GOTHIC in the United Kingdom

Adjustable Leather Strap Bracelet

The runes of genesis are engraved into the ring of eternity, while the skeletal remains of its guardian dragon abide, eternally jaw-locked.  The runering's inscription looks similar to early bronze age Scandinavian runes, though considerably predating them; meaning unknown.

This cast dragon skull's jaws lock down the rune ring, which is fastened to a black leather strap with adjustable, velcro fastening.  

Fits wrists up to 7"L.

The perfect bracelet for dragon slayers.

This handcrafted item was created out of the finest English pewter and leather by Alchemy Gothic Artisans in England.

English Pewter is totally lead and nickel free!
Care Instructions:
English pewter will remain bright and polished if kept in a clean, low humidity environment and not subject to fumes and toxins. Acid and grease from handling should be avoided and finger prints wiped off with a soft, dry clean cloth. Items can be easily polished to a bright luster and develop a beautiful, natural patina by using a proprietary silver polish cloth.