CROWN CHAKRA Meditation candle Crystal Journey CANDLES votive Sahasrara BLISS


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Crown Sahasrara Bliss Chakra Meditation Candle

2 x 2 votive Candle

Made in the USA by Crystal Journey Candles
Crystal Journey Meditation Crown Chakra Balancing Candle
Purple in color with essential oil blend of Frankincense and Olibanum

Burns 12 - 15 hours in a tight fitting votive holder, faster on a candle plate
This hand-poured candle comes with information on the heart chakra right on the label, burns clean, and has the perfect scent for the heart chakra balancing meditation. Every time I use these candles I fall in love with them all over again...once you've tried these specialty candles you will know why I prefer these above all others... I've been using and selling Crystal Journey for 13 years now and they are still my very favorite for my spiritual and craft-work.