Chariot Tarot Card Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with choice of gemstone - Success and Triumph


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  • Chariot Tarot Card Pendant - Symbol of Success and Triumph.
  • Handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver with choice of natural gemstone. Shown set with Citrine. Background of pendant is solid silver.
  • Approximately 1.5" h - a very substantial, solid sterling silver pendant.


Symbolism and Meaning of the Chariot Tarot Card:

Symbol of Triumph in the Material Plane

A charioteer harnesses the powers of polarity, the light and dark sphinxes, symbolizing the powers of mind to move forward and gain victory in the material plain. He is armored with the crescent moons of the High Priestess and wears the eight pointed Star of Healing on his crown. The canopy of his chariot is the diadem of the starry heavens. In his right hand he holds the wand turned spear to symbolize the material force which he represents. This is a card of success and triumph over material difficulties.