Celtic TRISKELE Ring 925 Sterling Silver w/ multiple sapphire Triquetra Ring


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Stunning Celtic Triskele Triquetra Ring . 925 Sterling Silver Celtic Swirl Trinity knotwork Ring in Sterling Silver w/ multiple sapphire gemstones and fascinating modern design

Maiden, Mother, Crone - Love, Honor, Protect - Mind, Body, Spirit - Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

This  ring is 1/2  inch at widest point

The Triquetra is an ancient symbol that is used extensively by both pagans and Christians; it has different meanings for different people. A piece of jewelry with the Triquetra symbol is often given in contemporary Ireland to signify love and affection (a promise ring); the Triquetra also features as a motif on Celtic wedding bands and engagement rings.

This special order ring is handcrafted upon purchase. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for shipment.