Celtic Triquetra Ring in .925 Sterling Silver - Triskele Goddess Ring - Trinity knot ring with natural Black Onyx to bring balance


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  • Celtic Triskele Druidic .925 Sterling Silver Ring .
  • Gorgeous Triple Goddess Triscele Trinity Ring in .925 Sterling Silver with genuine Black Onyx gemstone.
  • Handcrafted in Sterling Silver in the USA.
Black Onyx is a stone that brings balance within the soul and physical form, thereby helping one to become the master of their own destiny. It lends courage and strength, alleviates fears and anxiety, and helps one to feel confident in themselves, their surroundings, and their ability to improve their life and help others.

Symbolism and Meaning of the Triskele Goddess Ring:

The triskele is a common motif in ancient Celtic design throughout Northern Europe and is especially associated with the Isle of Man where the ancient College of Druids was centered. The emphasis is on the numeral three which for the Celts symbolized the principles of creation, preservation and destruction embodied also as themtriple goddess, virgin, mother and crone, and the phases of the moon.