Celtic THISTLE Ring .925 Sterling Silver Scottish Guardian Thistle Band Ring


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Celtic Scots Thistle Ring .925 Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Ring -  Bravery - Courage - Loyalty - Fortitude - Endurance

The Guardian Thistle of the Scots - Nemo me impune lacessit

This ring is 1/2 of an inch at it's widest point
Read about the legend and history of how the Thistle became a national symbol of Scotland here: http://www.scottish-at-heart.com/scottish-thistle.html
This item was created out of the finest sterling silver by Peter Stone Jewelry
Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the  Celtic Thistle Silver  Ring showcases the beauty of Celtic tradition, modern design, and the fine craftsmanship of Peter Stone Artisans.

(ring & photos - Peter Stone Jewelry)