Celtic Sun God Lugh Pendant by Dryad Design - Gold Tone Bronze Celtic Sun God of Fire Amulet


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  • Celtic Sun God Lugh Pendant.
  • Designed by Dryad Design and handcrafted in gold tone jeweler's Bronze.
  • Size: 1 1/2 height x 1 1/8 width x 0.375"d in inches, or 3.81 in height by 2.86 in width in cm
  • Three Dimensional design.

Lugh, pronounced "Loo" is a Celtic Sun God whose name means "the shining one." Lugh was considered a "Good God," meaning he was good at everything! Worshipped as the God of Fire, he also presided over metallurgy, crafting, weaving, and served as protector of the weak. Lughnasadh, the Sabbat celebrated in August, is named after him. Lugh, as a primary deity of the Druids, sometimes took human form and worshipped alongside them. He is the God to call upon when one doesn't know how to proceed, because he can do or assist with anything. Lugh is often associated with the Greek God Apollo. More statues and holy sites have been erected to this handsome God than to any other Celtic deity.