Celtic Raven Pendant .925 Sterling Silver Morrigan Crow Amulet Celtic Triskelion

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Celtic 3 Raven Pendant .925 Sterling Silver with Celtic Spirals and knotwork

Gorgeous details! Celtic spirals and knotwork adorns the 3 Ravens as they circle the hidden central Triskele. Designed by artist Brigid Ashwood.

This item was created out of the finest sterling silver.
This pendant is 1 3/4 inch, including the bail

The Raven is associated with the Goddess Morrigan (Phantom Queen), shapeshifting, Magick, initiation, the Dark Moon, and particularly as a messenger carrying information to and from the Spirit world. The energy of the Raven can help one gather courage in time of change and guide one through difficult times. It is in the calm of night, both awake and in our dream state, that we can learn the most about ourselves. Raven energy will help facilitate growth and bring healing.