Celtic KING'S Cross Pendant .925 Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Solar Cross Amulet


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Celtic King's Cross Pendant - Solar Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver
Spiritual Bridge between Heaven & Earth

Solid Sterling Silver - by Peter Stone Jewelry

This item is 1 1/2 inches, including the bail

The Celtic Cross has its roots in a pre-Christian variation of the solar cross. Examples of the Celtic Cross date back as far as 5000 years BCE. Its origins are not known, but it was known to be an early symbol of the Celtic Thunder God Taranis.

After the conversion of the Celtic people to Christianity, the Celtic Cross became and emblem of the Celtic Christian Church. Irish legend holds that Saint Columba introduced the Celtic Cross to Ireland, so it is sometimes referred to as Columba's Cross, or the Ionic Cross, after his monastery on the isle of Iona.

The Celtic King's Cross consists of a Circle centered upon the traditional Latin Cross. The shaft of the Celtic cross represents the world axis, spiritual bridge between heaven and earth. The four arms of the cross divide the world into four directions, four elements, four seasons, and separates heaven and earth. The circle is a female symbol representing the unity of all life. When placed at the crossbar it represents divine light and spiritual radiance.

The cross, combined with the circle, unites the principles of female and male. The point at the center represents the Most High God, the motionless mover, about which all life revolves. The same point is also the placement of Jesus' heart while he was on the cross - the source for Divine Love.

The unbroken knot work that adorns the Celtic Cross is symbolic of the never ending process of our Spiritual Growth.

Divine Light and Spiritual Radiance