Celtic Cross Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold accent - Divine RADIANCE Celtic Elegance

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  • Celtic Cross .925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold accents Pendant.
  • Spiritual Bridge between Heaven & Earth - RADIANCE.
  • This item is 1 5/8 inches in height.
  • This item is a special order item. It will be made for you upon purchase. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for this item to be handcrafted and shipped. 

The Cross has been a universal symbol throughout most of recorded history. It is a truly cosmic symbol, representing the point of communication between heaven and earth. It is believed the cross was formed by the four rivers of Paradise flowing from the “Tree of Life.” The Cross also personifies archetypal man; the vertical line representing the celestial, spiritual, positive, active masculine side; and the horizontal line representing the earthly, rational, dark side, that is feminine. The Cross depicts dualism in nature and the union of opposites. Capable of infinite expansion in every direction, the cross is an image of eternal life!

The Celtic Cross consists of a circle imposed upon the center of the Latin cross. The shaft of the Celtic cross represents the world axis, spiritual bridge between heaven and earth.

The crossbar eventually began to be added to the shaft, creating the familiar cross which has historically been considered a male symbol. The four shafts divide the world into four directions, four elements, four seasons, and separates heaven and earth. The circle is a female symbol representing the unity of all life. When placed at the crossbar it represents divine light and spiritual radiance.