Brigid Celtic Sun Goddess Statue - Dryad Design Triple Goddess Brigit Statue in Wood or Stone Finish


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  • Brigid Celtic Sun Goddess Statue. Fine details.
  • Available in Wood or Stone look polyresin.
  • Size in inches: 10 3/8"h x 8 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d
  • Created from the original sculpture by Paul Borda of Dryad Design, the statue reflects the natural texture of the original sculpture.
  • A lovely accent to bring the energy of the Goddess Brigid into your space or to adorn your altar.

Brigid, one of the most popular Celtic Goddesses is a vast deity and can assist her devotees with nearly any endeavor. She is depicted here as the three sisters or three of the many aspects of this Goddess: Midwife - healer/nurturer/herbalist, Blacksmith - keeper of fire/craftswoman/transformer and Poetess - bringer of wisdom/guidance/prophecy. The three who-are-one stand on a crescent-shaped base. Symbols of her worship are hidden throughout the piece Brigid's cross; the flaming arrow; Brigid's bed; the bush near her sacred wells, which are tied with prayers and wishes on scraps of cloth, to mention a few. Many of the names she is known by encompass the base, even one written in ogham.


Dryad Design, Ltd is the "soul work" of artist Paul Borda. All designs are original, many are based on extensive research and all are copyrighted. The statues and jewelry include God and Goddess imagery from Celtic, Norse, Russian and Sumerian Mythology.