Archangel METATRON Sun Talisman in Gold tone Bronze - SOLOMON Pentacle Sun Pendant


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  • Archangel Metatron 1st Pentacle of the Sun Solomon Angelic Talisman Pendant.
  • This item is 1 1/4" in diameter.
  •  Handcrafted in Gold Tone Jeweler's Bronze.
  • Power, Fame, Promotion, Respect, Recognition, Advancement, Wealth, Increase, Glory - considered by some to be the most powerful of the Solomon pentacles

"The countenance of Shaddaï the almighty [the Face of God], at whose aspect all creatures obey, and the angelic spirits do reverence on bended knees. This singular pentacle contains the head of the great angel Methraton or Metatron, the vice-gerent and representative of Shaddaï, who is called the Prince of Countenances, and the right-hand masculine cherub of the Ark, as Sandalphon is the left and feminine. On either side is the name 'El Shaddaï.' Around is written in Latin: 'Behold his face and form by whom all things were made, and whom all creatures obey.'"

From the Greater Key of Solomon

The Archangel Metatron

From Wikipedia: Metatron (Hebrew מטטרון) or Mattatron (a differentiation of Metatron[1]) is an archangel in Judaism and in Christian folklore. According to Jewish medieval apocrypha, he is Enoch, ancestor of Noah, transformed into an angel. There are no references to Metatron as an angel in the Jewish Tanakh or Christian scriptures (New and Old Testament); however, Genesis 5:24 is often cited as evidence of Enoch's bodily ascension into heaven —"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him."[2] Although he is mentioned in a few brief passages in the Talmud, Metatron appears primarily in medieval Jewish mystical texts and other post-scriptural esoteric sources, such as the Books of Enoch: 1 Enoch: Book of Parables, 2 Enoch, and 3 Enoch. In Rabbinic tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe.