ABUNDANCE Candles - Coventry Creations BLESSING KIT - Magick Wicca Pagan votives

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  • Abundance Blessing Kit - 3 Votive Candles Manifestion Candle Magick.
  • Candles and following text by Coventry Creations.
  • Prosperity, Attraction and Stability votives.
  • Abundance need not be elusive. Let this triad of candles help you focus and commit to the quality and quantity of prosperity you desire and deserve. Remember to keep an open mind and heart while allowing the Universe to fill your palette. 
  • Blessing - "My life is filled with unlimited prosperity. I am released from the beliefs and attitudes that block me from my desired Abundance."
  • With Cotton Wicks - votives burn for 10 hours in tight fitting containers, faster on a candle plate