Bat in Flight Cross Quarters Pendant by Anne Stokes - Nocturnal Arcanus for fulfilling wishes amulet


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  • Four Bats in Flight Cross Quarter Pendant by Anne Stokes.
  • Arcanus for gaining your Most Desired Amulet.
  • Designed by UK Artist Anne Stokes, from her Carpe Noctum Collection. Made in England.
  • A Flight of Four brings gifts from the Corners of the Night Sky. Everything comes in time to those who can wait. Arcanus may lead the wearer to What is Most Desired.
  • Comes with chain and gift box.
  • Approximate size: 1½" x 2".
  • Handcrafted in pewter with gold and crystal accents.

Darkness conceals and reveals.

Those willing to walk in the shadows will experience the wonder of Carpe Noctum, “Seize the Night.”

Anne Stokes’ Carpe Noctum designs, crafted in pewter and embellished with touches of gold, enamel and crystal, promise the wearer: If you open your heart to Night’s sweet mysteries, you will become truly alive.