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The immensely popular TV series ‘Vikings’ and it’s very prominent and powerful warrior character Lagertha, as well as a remarkable recent discovery concerning an ancient grave, has led to the question: did Shieldmaidens, or Skjaldmær in Old Norse, actually exist, or are they simply a romantic product of fiction, more akin to the Amazons of Greek myth than actual historical fact....
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Sheila-na-Gig is a very curious and decidedly unique personage, quite unlike anyone else in Irish Celtic mythology or folklore, both in the way she is depicted and how she came to be...
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The Valkyries, The choosers of the slain

There is hardly anything more synonymous with Norse mythology than the Valkyries, the mounted warrior women who took warriors killed in battle to Asgard. The romantic and thrilling image of the Valkyries riding across the sky with a fallen warrior slung over their saddle has inspired a plethora of paintings and statues...
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